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Met: Just so you know because I think some people got the wrong idea, I wasn't actually angry with you as such, more the closure of the thread.

I think EVERY SINGLE THREAD closed should have an explanation for the closure of that thread. The Tim Schafer one was a joke, and I registered the fake name which was deleted, but how was closing a thread, even if you DIDN'T know the name wouldn't show, going to stop people from seeing it?

I'm just angry that mods apparently keep assuming that "Closing" is a reason for closing a thread. Because that's what it seems like.

FYI I respect the mods and all, and I know that the Tim S. account was my bad, but I still think that every thread closed should have an explanation. It's not much to ask.

That was absolutely the worst usage of english ever, I repeated myself like five times. I'm tired and I've been working all day.

You might recognise me.
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