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I don't know how long this model has been going for, but I know it was around the time I started posting at lucasforums, I wasn't able to read the.....10000 other pages ....but maybe Tercero is getting a little sick of this Anakin model? I certainly wouldn't have the motivation to continue all this time. It's a great model and perhaps he'll release it, or maybe another talented modeller will finish it off? I've seen a couple of posts of Toonces maybe finishing it for him, but I didn't quite catch it. All the folks flaming about this and flaming about that, bleh, I just realize the modeller obviously can't keep going for whatever reason, I don't really care, I just move on to the next intriguing model in the works and there are a few out there. I've got respect for Tercero and the great work he's done. It seems like as of recent posts things are getting back on track, but I've seen enough screenies to know this model looks great and whatever else Tercero or Toonces or whoever decides to do with it, it will continue to look great, so I lost my interest in this thread long long ago and I think many others have as well, no disrespect towards Tercero, it's just time to move on. All I can say is keep at 'im you've done a great job so far.
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