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((You assume right, JM. ^_^

I'm also assuming Kalidor is with us.))

Gilian: Be careful what you wish for.

*The glider lands in a dark alleyway. The hovering disks dissolve.

An abandoned tower stands close by*

Gilian: I can smell the vampires from here. Probably guards. We're upwind, so they probably don't know we're here yet. *to Greer and Kalidor* In case you haven't figured it out by now, we're trying to unblock the sun. To do that we need to get through the creatures guarding this place, which are obviously called vampires. Vampires are very dangerous creatures that can only be killed by a beheading or wood through the heart. Well, there's other ways, but none that you need to worry about right now. *She offers Kalidor and Greer each a crossbow and a stake*

((OOS: This means you decide whether you take them, Wilson and JM ))

I hope you two have had combat training, because you're going to need it. Let's move.

*As she passes Deac, she whispers in his ear* Those two - especially the one with the sword - don't think they know what they're getting into. Try and keep them alive...

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