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Originally posted by Yufster
Met: Just so you know because I think some people got the wrong idea, I wasn't actually angry with you as such, more the closure of the thread.

I think EVERY SINGLE THREAD closed should have an explanation for the closure of that thread. The Tim Schafer one was a joke, and I registered the fake name which was deleted, but how was closing a thread, even if you DIDN'T know the name wouldn't show, going to stop people from seeing it?
I don't think you quite understand. When Met deleted the fake Tim Schafer account, he thought that his ghost would be left as a name on the topic started by him, but instead it just deleted the entire topic (which probably explains why a few people thought their creds and post count went down). Normally, when someone gets banned or deleted, their posts get deleted, but considering it was the Schafer account that posted the thread, the entire thread was deleted in the course of deleting his account.

In other words, Met didn't mean to delete that thread, just the account, but didn't know that would happen. Now he does, we live and learn (see, we mods are 'only human').

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