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*Svafa pulls out a small device from her belt. Turning it on, she presses a few buttons and then studies.*

Svafa: Heimdall, look at this.

*Svafa hands Heimdall the device. Heimdall studies it for a second then shakes his head*

Heimdall: They are all over the city.

*He gives Svafa a nod and with a press of a button a holoemiter in the device displays a map of the city. Amoung the image of the city there were hundreds upon hundreds of black dots, and a single white one. The black dots are concentrated in at the Sith Temple and thin out as they extend outward*

Heimdall: *pointing to the white dot* That is us, we are currently at the edge of the city in the slave quaters.

The black dots are these Sith. They are concentrating at the temple. Far to many for us to just barge in there. Luckily they are spread out as the Sith move farther from the temple they spread out. Svafa elminated the sentry in this area, meaning we probably can move for a while without having to confront them.

*Svafa turns of the holoemiter. Then with a motion to Idun they take the Sith body and move it out into the brush hidding it. The two return shortly*

Svafa: Lets get going, and start to think of ways to infiltrate the Sith temple.

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