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I was hoping this could be saved for later... :(

Well the thing is with Fused Irvine, while he's one person, he's still TWO people at the same time. WH Irvine in this rpg, isn't a bad guy. Think of it like this: A poetentally a bad guy becomes trapped inside of an insane version of himself, and changes, becomes good while not having any way to escape. Not only that he only has one person to keep him company: Corrupted Elder WH Irvine, hence the conflicting presences.

Think of the current encarnation of Fused Irvine of a 'third mind' over the oringal two, created by the conflicting presences.

As for RH Irvine, he's not perfect, but he'd put up enough fight agenst sophae, I won't let you keep all the powerful character slots for yourself BD.

And red: why don't you add in Starr?

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