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Marin: If I can get close enough to one of these Sith to touch it, I can acquire its DNA and morph it. Become a perfect carbon copy of it, except that my mind would be controlling it.

*She considers telling them that Aidan was morph-capable as well, but decided against it - best not to have his first morph be something with a mind as dark as these. A strong mind was a difficult thing to control...*

Misae: How do you do that, anyway?

Marin: That's my secret.

Misae: Can you, as well? Or any of us?

Marin: No, I can't. It's more complicated than that. I can't just shapeshift anything I see...

Raschel: How would you "morph" one of these Sith?

Marin: Like I said, I just need to get close.

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