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Well, firstly he isn't a Jedi. () Secondly I'm sort of waiting for BD, cuz I'm too lazy to think of a description format (and I don't like yours, sorry ) The third reason is that Starr has learned alot of weird Force techniques that I wrote down somewhere, lost in a reformat, and I don't feel like remembering right now.

Also what BD said about not having all powers making you a "crippled Jedi" is true. Most Jedi (with a few notable exceptions) have the capability to perform any feat of the Force once trained and with enough power.

Obviously RH Irvine is the son of a Dark Lord of the Sith, and so should be fairly powerful. But from what you've shown he has pretty erratic training in the Jedi arts, so he wouldn't be able to fight a pair as trained as Flax and Sophae, and expect to win easily.

Fused Irvine should be extremely powerful, as the unnatural creation that he is. However his major disadvantage is that he has been almost completely self-taught (or taught really weird things by really weird people ). He has some pretty exotic Force techniques, but all the Jedi training that Flax and Sophae have had gives them an edge of their own.

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