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*Suddenly the sky lights up as an explosion eurpts from the city. A thunderous boom is heared.*

Svafa: The traps are working fine. *she consults her device again* So far the traps have killed 2500. Also I think we missed something about these sentries. I'm betting they are the weaker ones being sent out to find more traps before the main group leaves the relative saftey of the temple area.

Idun to Marin: That can get you in, but not the rest of us.

*Svafa puts away the device, draws her sword. Then from another pouch on her belt she takes a can and a rag. Then putting some of the contents of the can onto the rag she swips the blades of her sword, spear, and dagger. The metal now gave off no glint, and seemed to blend into the surrondings. She hands the rag to Idun, who gives her weapons a swipe. Idun then gave the rag to Heimdall who proceed to wipe down his sword and dagger. Aftwards he gives the rag back to Svafa who places it into the pouch along with the can*

Heimdall: You want to split up, fine then. You two *pointing the Irvines* and anyone who wishes to go with you can be the second group.

We *motioning to Idun and Svafa* and any who wishes to join us are moving out now.

*Svafa taking point begins to leave the main road. Idun follows behind her. Heimdall pauses a moment looks over the group, turns and follows. Each had their sword drawn, and moved without a sound*

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