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Gilian: I know because I am a vampire. But I'm different from the others - the fact that I'm helping you should be your first big hint.

Starr: Care to explain...

Gilian: I have a soul. Long story. Anyway we don't have time for explanations. *She cocks her crossbow* The device used to block the sun is essentially disguised as a book. It'll probably be glowing, or something. So if you see a glowing book tell me. We'll probably have to find the head vampire to get to it, though.

Starr: And how are we to find this vampire?

Gilian: I'm still tracking the books, remember? Follow me.

*The group heads towards the tower. Gilian suddenly freezes when they've almost reached it*

Starr: What?

Gilian: ****. The wind changed.

*A pair of vampires leap down from above*


Ulna Shardes

*Farran, Artemis, and Kioet sit waiting in the room. Finally, the door opens. The woman who had spoken to them on the holo earlier enters*

Woman: I'm very sorry to keep you waiting. I hope you're not too offended.

Farran: *in a carefully suspicious* No, not at all.

Woman: My name is Lily Aren. Your friends are Artemis Omicron and Kioet Csuhen, and you are Ariel Kasen.

Farran: I prefer Farran Darkholme now.

Aren: I'm sure you all have plenty of questions. Anybody care to begin?

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