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People I would like to kill.

1. Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver is a smug chef who speaks using incredibly annoying and generally made-up words such as "pucker". He does light-hearted advertisements for Sainsburies supermarkets, which involve him riding a scooter, knocking up an "exotic" meal using "random vegetables", smiling in an irritating fashion, and attempting to make the English language a lot more idiotic. Anyone who tries to redefine "wotz kewl" and "wotz not" is scum of the filthiest variety. His tongue should be removed, and then he should be beaten with it until he eventually stops living.

2. Jennifer Lopez
If Jennifer Lopez was born without vocal chords, the world would be a much happier place. No longer would people have to put up with the incredibly irritating and seemingly endless array of crappy latino-spicy-whateveryouwanttocallit-pop singles that are all incredibly bad and exactly the same. Her attitude is disgusting, her fan base retarded, and she is a lot less attractive than she thinks she is. I blame MTV. The whore should be starved of her tacos.

3. The entire Big Brother household & most of The Harbour/The Swamp
People who go to great measures to garner attention just do not deserve to live anymore (Excluding me). An atomic bomb wouldn't be painful enough, some flesh-eating cockroaches would suffice.

4. Iain Duncan Smith
Bald, Conservative, and patronising. His entire campaign is based on making the British public think he's "hip", by using obscenities and agreeing with anything the tabloids might say. And he's bald. Cut off his face!

I'm sure there must be other people who should die too, hint hint.

There, I made a stupid thread Delete it if it's too offensive ;-

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