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*Before Deac throws his saber, Gilian shoots the vampire in the heart with a crossbow bolt. It dissolves into dust. She knocks the other vampire, the one shot by Greer, to the ground and beheads it.*

Gilian: Don't waste time!

*The group runs toward the tower. Another vampire leaps in their path. Gilian extends her arm blade and takes off its head without even pausing*


Ulna Shardes

Aren: *smiling* I'll take that as a no. Ariel, or "Farran". It's been a long time since you...left. Do you remember hearing anything about an organization called the Shadows?

Farran: Let's pretend I don't. Enlighten me.

Aren: *walking around the group as she speaks* The Shadows were created for a dual purpose: to protect our organization's interests in established places and to scout out new interests in remote ones. I represent the power behind the Shadows.

Farran: And what "new interests" have you discovered in this "remote place"?

Aren: Oh, much more than we expected. You three, for example. These interesting beings you call "Jedi" and "Sith". Besides that, there's the previously unknown fact that this universe figures heavily into certain bits of prophecy and lore. Certain very important bits. Among other things. *She stops walking and stands in front of them* My point is, the people I represent have taken an interest in this dimension. And in you. I have an offer for the three of you...if you're interested.

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