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*Svafa leads Heimdall and Idun into into a nondescript house. The building has a small porch. Heimdall takes up position there, almost invisible in the night sky. Idun and Svafa sweep the house quickly. Then Idun take up a position near the door.

Svafa goes towards a wall, and presses a hidden button. A panel lifts showing three monitors.*

Svafa: Heimdall, come here.

*Heimdall enters the building and joins Svafa*

Svafa: The ship apparently has been listening into our conversation. It's taken up an orbit over the temple and is sending us these images.

*On the central monitor, showed a video of the temple, and the area around it.*

Svafa: Notice that the sith housing is gone. In it's place is they built a wall, surronding the temple. It is also heavily guarded. In the North East it appears that they are still consturcting buildings. There also seems to be large traffic out of these buildings *pointing to ones in to the east* I would say those are probably barracks. This stucture could be a command center.

Heimdall: What do you make of this?

Svafa: They been here a while. I would say probably at least as long when father died. They are also seem to be expecting an attack. Notice that they are heavily patorling the perimeter. And you have these scouts, who could be looking for traps, or being sentries. what concerns me is that these Sith appear highly organized, and they came from no where. What of the others?

Heimdall: So far none have followed. And you don't want to know their plans.

Svafa: Oh god. What is it.

Heimdall: They are going to take out a few sith scouts to collect their clothing. From there, they are going to send in Orthos, and the Irvines. The others I guess acting as the companions.

Svafa: You have to be kidding me.

Heimdall: That is what they said.

Svafa: *Shaking her head* There are so many wholes with that plan it is pitiful. It is painfully obvious that they have no idea on infiltration. At the very least they should have realized to move from that place, in case the Sith decide to investigate the disappearnce of one of their scouts sentries.

Heimdall: Keep an eye out for incoming. I'll give them a couple of minutes before I go back and hit them upside the head for such stupidity.

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