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RH Irvine: "Consider the fact that none of you desided to take a mental note on how meny Sith there is. There is too meny to sneak around and too meny to fight head on. Only infiltration on the esponagical level is the best choice right now as it stands."

*RH Irvine begins taking a few mental notes on where there are presences of a few consentrations of Sith, not in big detail.*

RH Irvine: "I believe that most Sith would know about a 'Sith Lord' now would they? And as for my part of the plan, although I'm not going to like myself later, but I believe I can at least give out a pretty good empression." *pauses for a second* "Let's just count on Irvine's ability to do the same, how ever I suddjest if there is to be needing to have any proof of how strong he is, I suddjest someone who is fairly trained, and most likey won't swing over to the Dark Side when he or she has to wield it for an instence. Otherwise suddjesting that who ever ackompanies Irvine, is more like a body guard protraying as an apprentence."

WH Irvine: "Irvy, you honestly think so?"

*RH Irvine closes his eyes.* "Yes, it'll be the only way we could get through the heavily gaurded Temple, which I am sensing now..." *Pauses for a few seconds.* "How ever, there is a second outside that consentraction where a second, smaller one is, I think that consentraction is slightly more relaxed then then main one. Irvine, you take that one, It'll be a bigger job for me inside so I don't want to going somewhere, where you could get hurt."

WH Irvine: "But..."

RH Irvine: *interupting* "Make it two people if you want to be so worryful..."

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