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*In the past few hours after Farran and Kioet left, Ivan had managed to group up a few scientists whom also managed to escape the Loyalists.*

Ivan: *To scientists, continueing a conversation* "... I know we have the resorces to do that, but why are we begin held back?"

Scientist 1: "I'm sorry but with out an example DNA strand to work with to use as a basis we can't clone anything."

Ivan: "True and not. We do have something, genetic templates of a few Jedi that we managed to snag a long while back... We clone them, and 'program' them to attempt to assasinate Cracken his apprentence, hell, any family that he's got left."

Scientist 2: "You're not serious are you?"

Ivan: "What does it look like? Our forces are gone, our planets taken, this is our only last option..."

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