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*Ulna Shardes*

Ivan: "Oh, its you. It's about time you showed up. I was beginning to think you'd never come. Listen we have a few samples of DNA to use..."

*Ivan presses a button on a remote that he was holding, with activates a holocron showing 3-dimentional views of Helren Flax, Luke Skywalker, Deac Starkiller, Irvine Palpatine and one Orthos Darkstar.*

Scientist 3: "First we can't use Skywalker, cus he's too much of a hassle, besides he was cloned once, and that clone was killed."

Ivan: "Very well..." *Skywalker's image dims.* "One of those four..."

Scientist 1: "I doubt we need another Deac running around." *glances at 'Beta'.*

*Deac's image dims also.*

Ivan: "So that leaves these three..."

Scientist 2: "We only have enough resorces to produce two clones."

Ivan: "So pick one that won't be used!!"

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