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((Two things: First I have given the option for Orthos to return, plus its also his call to say that the rencarnation of Orthos will have force powers or not. Like yoda once said something along the lines that the force exsists through and within all life ^_~))

*Fused Irvine laughs.* "That may be true, what who says that we won't be the biggest threat you have come accross?"

*Fused Irvine extingishes the Light Masamune, pulling it away. He then shows Sophae his right arm, now completely healed.*

Fused Irvine: "Our forearm was heavly damaged about three hours ago by the very Deac Starkiller, now it is fully healed. Normally it would take day at best by a typical Jedi. Now how could that be? Bah! It matters not to us, it just means we can heal faster, then the typical Jedi. Thus meaning your logic implies not to ourselves..."

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