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((OOS: Then Hal must be a terrible judge of character. ))

Aidan: Why you piece of---

*Aidan's eyes glow. A white energy field rises around him. A stream of blue and white energy resembling lightning leaps from his outstretch hand, aimed at Hal.

Before the energy can hit Guy is standing between the two. The energy wraps around his suit and dissolves*

Guy: I don't believe it is in our best interests to be attacking each other. *looks down at the ripped, smoking ground beneath his feet* Especially not with deadly force.

Marin: Aidan, what are you doing?

Aidan: *unrepentantly* I was only planning for a little jolt.

Marin: And you, Jedi? I don't think any of us need to be choked to prove a point. So please don't try it again, okay? Orthos is right. We need to work together here. We're trying to save this galaxy, and I think that ought to come before all of...this.

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