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*Heimdall returns to the group. He gives Guy an approving nod.*

Heimdall: It is apparent that some of you need instruction on infiltrations. Lesson one. An enemy sentry has been killed in this immediate area. Since we lack the proper intelligence, then you must assume that the enemy will be coming. As such you leave the area immediatly.

Now, I made the mistake in jokingly saying that we should split up. That would be folly and potentially devestating to our objective. I thought you would have realized this and followed us. Furthermore, from this point on the bickering comes to an end. If anyone has a problem or a point to make, then bring it up in a civilized manner *looking at Hal*.

So, if you would please follow me. I'll take you to a safe house where we can safely discuss plans.

*With that Heimdall turns, and begins to return to Idun and Svafa. He pauses at Marin and looks down.*

Heimdall: *smiling* You've done well, young one.

*Heimdall then continues, not waiting for a response, but hoping the others will follow him this time.*

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