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While I'd love to do something like that, LEC (and by connection Raven) doesn't accept outside purposals for legal reasons.

I'm sure if Raven was interested they'd contact me first. However, I don't think it would fit into their current design plan for JKA anyway.

Personally, I'm thinking that the MotF vision is too big for JK2 or JKA and deserves a full game of its own. Obviously something outside of the Star Wars universe and hopefully in a form where I could work on it as an actual job. Probably medival swordfighting or something.

But that would be something in the long term. I simply don't have the resources/team to be able to do a project like that at the moment. It wouldn't take too much but a little is still more than I got at the moment. The hard part would be getting a quality team set up. Frankly, I've yet to meet the people that would have the skills and motivation for such a project.

As for the animation system I cooked up. It totally depends on what the JKA system is like. According to my contact in Raven, they've done some major retooling to it so my code may or may not be needed.

If MotF is continued in JKA, it will be from scratch with some possible cut-and-pasting with sections that don't need to be improved much (Like the True View code).

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