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((....the heck? I posted in this topic last night. Where did it go? o.O;; Oh well, this'll be short.

First: A clone of Orthos wouldn't mean Orthos was coming back. Clones are not the same as the original person.

Second: If the Imperials were able to artificially cause Deac to become Force sensitive (and I assume Syrnl), then Im pretty sure they could do the same to Orthos.

Third: I kind of assumed that, considering how Orthos had an Avatar for a long time before realizing it was there, that he had Force powers as well, just dormant. Also, he seemed to make a pretty good opponent for Lokpihet despite his Force-blindness, so Maybe others made the same mistake.

Lastly: Unless Orthos is killed in PtH, he will eventually end up here. ^_~))

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