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Damn man, what I do???Legato uses mind powers to grab the Masamune right out of his hands before pinning him and cutting his arm off.Kookee is out for 2 posts or someone gives him a potionSorry, but I shouldn't even still be here... Looks at wilson and says,"Just because I stole your food, you stapled me to the shouldn't have done that."Grabs the infamous nutcrackers and performs the infamous, "surgury"Wilsons out for 3 post or untill some one give him some genetillia replacements."And deac, never ever under anycircumstances take a lacsitive and asleeping pill on the same night... or tape me to the floor." Uses mind powers to give deac a massive case of diahreah(sp?)Deac is out for 3 posts or untill someone finds him some pepto bismal...

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