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[Because of Deac the project was deemed a total failure]

*Deac points to a stairwell*

Deac: Follow me!

*Deac places his sabers out in front of him, and goes into force speed and charges blindly toward the stairwell, implaing vampires that happen to be in his way*


*The lab door opens, and a man with two bright orange cybernetic eyes enters*

CyberEyes:Yes...we don't want another Starkiller. As for Orthos, I believe...yes...he is force blind. Yet he may yet prove of some use. However, I have another strand of DNA on file here, fully integrated with midi-chlorians. Someone that Deac Starkiller will find horribly familiar.

Beta, leave us.

*Beta reluctantly leaves*

He won't be able to accept it when he sees whose in the vial...

*Holds up a vial*

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