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((Some problems there Scar.

1. At this point only 1 sith has been killed. As such there is only one cloak.

2. Orthos has that cloak in his possession. RH Irvine doesn't.

I'm also assuming that everyone besides RH Irvine has followed Heimdall.))

*Heimdall, leads the group into the safe house. Svafa had been busy, while he was away. In the center of the room with the monitors now had a table. Upon the table was a holographic image of the city.*

Heimdall: Before Svafa begins. The major problem with your plane that you devised is that it draws attention. We want to avoid that, especially since it is very possible that everyone will be needed inside the temple. There are other problems such as why would these important relatives of Sith Lords not just land inside the base. Otherwise, Svafa you can begin.

Svafa: Thank you. Now, there are something to keep in mind. 1 the number of Sith presant makes any assualt impratical. 2 Before the holocaust these Sith were not presant in the galaxy.

This operation will consist of 4 phases. Phase 1 is Ambush and appropiations. During this phase we will ambush Some of the Sith. I do not have enough information on their activities yet to say when and where we ambush them.

The puprose of this is to appropiate their clothings, and to take some alive to gain more intell. Now during this phase lightsabers, conventional blasters, and any weapon that generates light or sound cannot be used. We have a small cache of weapons here that you can use during is part.

Phase 2 Infiltration

After appropiating the proper atire, we will make our way into the Sith Base acting as anonymous Siths. During this time we will split up into 3 groups. Each group making towards a different entrance *The entrances are highlighted on the map* Upon entering the base the groups will make their head towards the temple. Depending upon arrival time head directly to the temple. If you see another group ahead of you wait a little, and allow them to enter the temple before you proceed. We regroup inside the temple.

Now this is the important part. Do not look down, keep your head straight. Keep the cloak's hood up so your face is in the shadows. Look at other Sith but do not stare. Avoid the Sith Lords, they have the best chance of reconizing us as outsiders. Avoid talking to other Sith, if you must keep it to one word answers or allow one of us *motioning to Heimdall, Idun and herself* to speak.

Phase 3 is the Temple. Since none of us knows what will happen or what we have to do this really can't be planed out.

Phase 4 Extraction.

This part will be fun. When setting traps we created layers. The first layer is automated and what the Sith have encountered. The second layer has to be set off by us.

When ready for extraction the Asgardreid will make for one of three potential LZs *Three spots blink, all inside the Sith Base* Now during this, we want the Sith to be looking the other way. In other words we want them to concentrate on the outside rather then the inside.

As such I have some special surprises for them. First is war droids that have been hidden in the forest. These will be activated and begin an attack on the Sith Stronghold. The Sith will now be looking towards the outside. This is when the second layer of traps are set off. And two fighters for the Asgardreid will begin straffing runs and provide air support.

After this the base should be in utter chaos. Head to the ship, and kill any Sith that gets in your way.

Right now we need to study this map and their movements. Then after that we can plan out the details of the ambushes. Questions?

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