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((OOS:According to scar, he needed a pick up.... sorry, been busy. School+job hunting can do that to a man))

Tie Defenders streaked overhead, as a Lambda Class shuttle dropped down infront of Irvine. Assult tansports flanked it, touching down, and stormtroopers set up a light perimiter. The shuttle landed, it's ramp coming down, and Medical driods came out to Irvine, and escorted him into the shuttle. In teh shuttle, he was immidiatly flanked by the Elite Red Guard, and the shuttle closed it's ramp, and took off. The entire operation left the planet. it took less than 5 minutes.

The shuttle landed in the docking bay aboard teh Eclipse class Star Destroyer Devestator. Irvine was rushed to the medical ward for surgery. 2 hours later, he was in his state room, and as he woke, heard a several small chirpings which he recognized immediatly. Ysalimari.

The door opened, and in walked Grand Admiral Tojo, flanked by stormtroopers.*

Tojo: *Reading from a data pad* By orders from your father, and my Emperor, you are herby declared a political prisoner. If you try to escape, deadly force will be applied. Your father will return eventually for questioning, and until then, you are restricted to your room here. *he pointed to the desk* You have access to Your lightsaber has been confiscated.
*Tojo turned to leave, and paused, and truned around* I'm sorry, sir, but you father is pretty angry, you're lucky he hasn't killed you yet.
*Tojo countinued out the door, and the stormtroopers left. in came 3 Elite Red Guard, and took positions aroudn the room.*

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