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Irvine: *to Tojo before he left.* "How can I bertray someone whom it wasn't til earilyer today, felt I had never known..." *Looks at the red guards, then back at Tojo.* "You don't need to worry about me escaping. If it is my fathers wishes, I'll respect that... Besides I'm too weak to preform it."


*Ulna Shardes*

Ivan: *smiling* "Yes that'll do. Just you keep in mind that Cracken and his apprentence is the first targets. As for you,..." *To beta* "Like I stated, you'll be given strategical command to elimanate those targets and anyone of close relitive to those targets. As for Deac Starkiller, I could care less, let 'em die, he's annoyed me too."

*Ivan turns to the holocron, which already Orthos had been dimmed, leaving Irvine Palpatine and Helren Flax.*

Ivan: "Pick one, I could care less..." *leaves the room.*

Scientist 1: *with slight worreid look on his face.* "W-w-well? Which s-subject?"

*Unseen and unfelt to the group, a beast-like creature stands holding a pulsating black orb or pure energy, the beast was becoming impatient...*

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