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Res Vyikosta

OOC: For those wondering the title means The Rebellion in Zabrak. This RP Thread is about a war between the zabrak of Iridonia and The Empire. You don't have to be a zabrak to RP in this thread. Have Fun

IC: Clouds gathered overhead, the rains were about to drench the land. Vessen's cloak rustled in breeze, thousands were waiting for his word. Thousands waiting to fight and die for freedom. No more would the zabrak be enslaved by The Empire, it was time to fight back, it was time to win. Vessen unsheathed his beautiful sword. Its blade shimmered in the remaining sunlight, he raised it into the air.


Thousands of zabrak charged the oncoming stormtroopers, carrying swords, blasters, clubs, and weapons of all sorts. Zabrak from all walks of life charging side by side towards a brutal battle that was waiting for them. Their freedom depened on this battle. This was their last chance to win back their home lands from The Empire.

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