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((OOS: I have some say in Fused Irvine's powers, BD, and I can tell you that Sophae should not be able to to break the lightsaber crystals. If Fused Irvine couldn't even prevent something as simple as that then Craynor wouldn't have bothered to "create" him.

Because Scar didn't say anything, it won't apply this time. I'll write it off to Fused Irvine's total inexperience fighting another Force user. But for future reference, see above.

Oh and Deac? I still think you should rename CyberEyes.

edit: Um, Scar, according to your previous posts, I think in PtH, RH Irvine knows about Cracken and has for a while. Or did I misunderstand?))

*A vampire grabs Greer from behind, splintering his crossbow. He wraps his arms around Greer, sinking his teeth into his neck. Greer was unable to free himself, the vampire being far stronger.

A blade flies through the air and impales itself in the vampire's head. Stunned, it releases Greer and stumbles back. Another spinning blade takes off its head, and it dissolves into dust.

Gilian looks down at them*

Gilian: I know what's wrong with this picture... The vampires are starving. Apparently Kvana drained more than just their magic - he drained some of their life energy as well. That's why we've met--- *a vampire appears behind her, and without turning around she beheads it* ---such little opposition.

Starr: You call this a little opposition?

Gilian: Hundreds of vampires, maybe even a thousand are in this area. Compared to a thousand, this is definitely "little opposition". They're out desperately looking for prey. And they're stupider than usual.

*Another vampire attacks her, this one fast enough to grab her. She stakes it in the heart*

Gilian: We're almost to the top.

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