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Name: Starr Hailfire

Force Rank: High level Sith

Age: Unknown

Affilation: Dark Side

Training: Nontraditional Sith training, study of ancient technique

Strengths: Starr is versatile. Unlike most Sith, he uses a variety of weapons besides the traditional lightsaber. Against other Jedi, he uses creative techniques to make these sorts of weapons effective. He uses a simple form of lightsaber combat, very fast and hard, but little acrobatics that require moving away from the opponent. He does not prefer long, drawn-out lightsaber fights and will often switch to a different weapon when the fight becomes too long.

Starr's most powerful ability is illusion, assisted by a strong empathy unusual for a Sith. While he has almost no ability to control minds, he is an expert at fooling them. Even most Jedi must know the trick is there to be able to see it.

Starr, unlike most Sith, is good at dealing with people. This has helped him pose as many different identities throughout his career. His empathy and illusion powers help with this.

Another of Starr's strengths is his mastery of a great variety of ancient, simple Force techniques that while perhaps not very powerful, can be used with great effectiveness because, simply, opponents do not expect them. His illusionist powers help this a great deal, as opponents cannot sense how an easy countered attack was made and thus are beaten by it.

He is a focused telekinesis user; in other words he can use it skillfully, but only in small areas.


Weaknesses: Emotions. While Starr's empathy helps him in some areas it hurts him in others. Starr is unable to have a Sith's focus on domination, and is such unable to use the Dark Side as fully in some areas as he would like. (His loyalty to his master is another side effect of this lack of focus on domination.) His emotions can also control him in ways he does not like.

Starr is not able to manipulate destructive energy as well as most Sith. With the exception of lightning, he generally does not bother with those techniques. When he does, it is as a manifestation of frustration and anger, or to intimidate a weak opponent.

While a master illusionist and a powerful mind reader, Starr has very little ability to control minds. He also has no ability whatsoever to self-heal, and little defensive powers. He wears armor to make up for this.

A last thing to note is that Starr is very curious. This can be seen as both a strength and a weakness.


Saber: Simple crimson lightsaber blade, standard length. While the saber uses synthetic Sith crystals, they were purposely altered to a more crimson color (red with a bit of orange in it) so that observers would not immediately recognize him as a Sith.

He also sometimes uses a variety of black lightdaggers.


See, toldja it was long. And I didn't even get into the weapons he prefers. (An obvious can be drawn from the inspiration for his last name.) Happy, Scar?

If I left out anything any of you think should be added, or if I explained something poorly, let me know.

Oh - do you want me to explain Vanguards? They aren't in the RPG at the moment, but they will be making a comeback.

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