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Vessen slashed and hacked at the crowd of troopers. "They just keep coming," Vessen thought to himself as he cut a trooper's arm off. Blood curtling cries could be heard throughout the battle. Many stormtroopers lay slain at Vessen's feet as he whirled his deadly blade around in a dance of death. Then he saw him, in the mist of the battle was another zabrak killing off his own. He had a sword just like his own. Vessen charged through the crowd until he met up with the zabrak.

"Ah, Vessen. So glad you could join us, now you will see your army be destroyed and this silly rebellion will end right here." The zabrak chuckled and raised his blade.

"Humph, you sold out your own clan just for wealth. Your precious Empire won't protect you now, when I defeat you I will personally remove those tatoos from your body. You will no longer discrace the clan when I take your life, now...Prepare Yourself!" Vessen attacked the zabrak. He lashed out at the zabrak with his all of his skill. The swords clashed as he blocked Vessen's attacks.

"Your skill is impressive Vessen, but I am better!" The zabrak swung his sword around at Vessen. Jumping into the air Vessen dodged the attack and swiped him on the shoulder. Smirking at the zabrak Vessen raised his blade towards him. Suddenly a laser shot was heard. A surge of pain went through Vessen, the world around him blackened and he fell to the ground. The last thing that he heard was the laughing of th zabrak as his life faded away.

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