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1st Annual FK Clan Saberist PUG

The Fallen Knights are going to be hosting a PUG (that's pick up game for those of you that don't know), tonight, Saturday, June 14th at 8pm EST on FK1 server. If you're a full force saber only player that doesn't cry about people using scripts, or laming, or any other of the normal crap people hear if they go on 99% of the FFA servers, then stop by our IRC channel by 7pm EST to hang out and get the password if we like ya.

Our IRC channel is on #fallenknights.

We'll be playing CTF and TFFA's mostly, might throw in a mad house, non-rpg newbie FFA every few games.

For those that don't know how a PUG works:
Server will be locked to only those invited with the password. When enough people are on, two captains will be picked. The two captains choose teams much like you would at recess back in the days of grade school for kickball or whatever. Those not picked become captains for next game. Etc.

So if you're down for some gaming, speak with an op in our channel.

Rules For The PUG
2. No map exploit camping - IE: invis ledges on yavin, roofs of streets
3. If we TFFA, Only Level 1 Team Energize and Team Heal allowed, will be easy to see if someone's chaining it as it's near impossible with level 1 as it takes half force power to energize.
4. No disrespecting those playing, it's for fun, not to beat our chests. #fallenknights
JK2 Servers:
FK Clan #1 (East) ~
FK Clan #2 (West) ~

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