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I understand the Vangaurds quite well, thank you

In a nutshell, their phsyical powers increase only around active biological energy sources, IE Force, magic, etc.


(A little revise. I like Red's style, I'll copy it )

Name: Irvine ? Palpatine

Force Rank: Jedi

Age: 26

Afilliation: Light Side, how ever is questionable

Strengths: Irvine has a natural nack for learning Force abilities easily, due to his families history. Although he isn't able to focas enough to preform Healing, he is able to preform the ability in desparation rather intencely. In combat he protrays someflaws in his style which he makes up for it with some basic force tricks and a little acrobatics, besides from that he is currently studing the Form VII, how ever it is still questionable if he will ever attempt to perform it in combat.

One thing he has been able to do is absorb incoming force energy, espcelly Dark Side force. Although he can only but soften the blow. Another ability that he and his master beginning to explore, was teh ability to sacrifice the person's own life expectency to highen his own output of force reactions with his body, sadly though most people would consider the abilty to be of 'Dark Side' proportions.

Weaknesses: He can be quite irritable, but what keeps him in line is his sense for duty as a Jedi. Although sometimes he might be able to loose his cool during combat, but mainly during desparationary times.

Saber: His choice was the Crimson saber, although it seemed more of a sub-conscious decision, he consciously doesn't seem to have a reason why he picked the color.

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