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Kalgin saw the fight going on then he took a blaster rifle from a deaad stormtrooper and started blasting at the Zabrak. The Zabrak became incaptitaed, Kalgin came and broung the Blue skinned Zabrak with intricate sith Tatoo's out of the crossfire then as blast's came from his right he saw a Zabrak fall to the ground after a blaster shot hit him in the chest...but Kalgin just kept running. then blaster shots came from behind him whizzing across his ear, suddenly his left leg gives out; he was shot in the back of the leg. Kalgin went into a limpin run but made it to the last escape ship. All the children and woman had sucsessfully made onto all the ships and fled to a planet called corellia.
Then he put Vessen on the ship and told the pilot hurry he needs medical attention. "Right away sir." said the pilot. Then Kalgin went into the crossfire.

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