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Vessen lay on the bed in the ship, out the window he could see all of his zabrak forces being slaughtered. They needed him out there. He must join the fight again. The zabrak race was depending on him. He jumped out of the bed and discarded his pierced armour, running out of the ship at full speed he went towards the battle. Then jumping into the mist of it all he slashed and swiped at the troopers. Many fell dead but others were not so lucky. They would have a painful death. Fighting his way through the horde of troopers he tryed to make his way to the mounted blasters. They were stripping away his troops one by one. Hacking madly his eyes turned red, the blood wrath went upon him. Ignoring all pain he leaped over the oncoming troopers and cut a mounted weapon in half. Then swinging the blade around he chopped its operator's hand clean off. Howling in pain he fell to the ground only to be stepped on by Vessen. Out of the corner of his eye he could see a group of troopers coming his way, throwing one of Kalgin's Specialty Grenades he watched the explosion wipe out the group in the blink of an eye. Raising his blade he continued to fight off the onslaught. They just kept coming but he knew they could win. The rains started and the blood of the slain was mixed with mud. Suddenly an alarm could be heard. The troopers were retreating.

"Keep on fighting! They are retreating!" Vessen's words sounded over the battle. There was a round of cheering from nearby soldiers as they fought the invaders off. Soon it was over. The once peaceful field torn apart by battle. Soaked in mud and blood Vessen sat down. Looking over the landscape he could not spot his enemy. All he could see were the bodies of troopers who fell slain to his blade. Their were gatherers taking all they could from the dead. Guns, ammo, armour, and whatever else they could find. They had won the battle and yet it felt like they lost. Many of his zabrak lay lifeless in the mud. He stood from his spot and put his blade into its sheath.

"For some reason I do not think this is over..."Vessen thought to himself.

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