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((This is really starting to disturb me. I posted in here last night, and my post isn't here now. -.-;;

*makes mental note to double-check next time*))

Raschel: Uh...I assume you've been following the movements of theses other Sith, and we can safely walk into the Temple because everyone else is doing it. But how do we know we'll be safe once we get inside? We'll be in three groups, and unless one of you three *pointing to Heimdall, Svafa, and Idun* is with each group we might end up kind of lost.

Guy: We have a map, remember? We also have comlinks. I don't know much about the technological capabilities of these Sith, but from what I can see we will be able to stay in touch. *looks at Heimdall and Idun for confirmation*

*Misae stands aside, slightly glowering* Let them play leader for the time being. As soon as we're out of here, though...

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