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After crawling out from behind the bar, Dathan spots several dead individuals.

"I wonder who these guys are?" Thinks Dathan.

He roots through some of their belongings and identifies one as a Hutt Bounty Hunter. "These stinkin' Hutts are everywhere."

A speederbike carrying a Wookie slows in front of the Cantina, then speeds off again. For some reason this pieques Dathan's interest, he runs out to the road and hails a speeder-taxi.

"Follow that speeder with the wookie!"
The Trandoshan driver immediately catches up then has to pass unexpectedly as the speeder they were following crashes.

The wookie had to avoid some raggaty looking bunch of fellows who seemed to be in a hurry, but also in the way.

"Wheere nowws?" In broken basic, the trandoshan asks.

"Take me to the spaceport please." Dathan calmly states.

Once at the spaceport, Dathan pays the driver 20 credits. He goes to the lounge area and waits.
"I still have fifteen minutes until my ship is fully fueled. I need to look at my notes again." He pulls up his data pd and reviews the info he has recovered;

(1) The Gnarly Gnort is where I was told to find a man named Vessen. (I may have found him, but everyone I met was in a hurry to leave.)

(2) I have found some info on the Quarren I seek. More later.

(3) Need to go to Naboo and talk to local scientist named "Kustaka." He has info about supplying the Quarren with Gungan shield tech.

(4) Need to speak with some Imperials regarding the raid that freed me from the labs at Bespin. I think his name was Cpt. Lusskin or something.

Dathan looks up to see the very same bunch that caused the crash in the road arrive at the lounge. They all sat a few tables away.

While they looked over thier itinerary, Dathan gets up and moves over to their table. "You wouldn't be needing transport would you? I've got the paperwork to clear this planet and dock safley at many in the galaxy."

Does it get any better than this?

Dathan Surehand

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