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The gods as my witness, I never thought it would get this bad…

I come from Alderaan…yes THE Alderaan that was destroyed because our illustrious “Princess” sacrificed her home planet…MY home planet…for her band of rebels. She chose her side and now I’m choosing mine. As soon as I get off this transport heading to Corellia I’m going to make her pay. Her and her rebel friends are going pay in FULL for the lose of Alderaan…oh gods they will PAY!

My name is Jek Sporkwind and I wish to join the Imperial Military in the quest to vanquish this blight upon humanity…
Name: Jek Sporkwind

Bio: Born in Aldera, Jek became one of the many idealistic pacifists of Alderaan. Supporting the new Princess and her zeal for Alderaan, Jek joins several friends in a successful tour around many core worlds proclaiming the need for pacifism. Traveling home to visit his wife and child he finds only space…nothing is left of the wonderful home he once knew. For hours he drifted in space around the ruins of Alderaan until an Imperial Star Destroyer hailed the transport and told them the story of what happened and soon after asked them to leave. The transport did so. Landing on Corellia Jek’s life is starting anew…everything he owned, everything he knew, and everthing he loved was lost. He is alone in the Galaxy and now wants nothing more than to execute his revenge upon the traitor who condemned his family, his planet, and his way of life to death…

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