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ZOMG It's Kookee!
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((But if you're forgetting those sabers are ment for him, and solely for him...))

((BTW: BD, Sohpae walked right into this V becuase Fused Irvine DOES have superior passive strength all the time, which I guess anyone could say that is why he shouldn't throw out much more power then he has already at one time...))

*Fused Irvine gets kicked, although he is able to absorb the blow easily due to his already enhanced muscular development, but that wasn't the important part, what was that Sohpae's ankle was deathgriped by Fused Irvine's left hand.*

Fused Irvine: "Our sentiments exactly..."

*Fused Irvine whips Sophae into the wall on his right, then rapidly swings her right into the opposite wall, and to follow up, he swings her up, only to have her crash down on the floor. He finaly let's her leg go, and takes a few steps back, just incase she desides to stand back up...*

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