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Svafa: Foolish Jedi. I thought they would teach you to mask your presance with in the force, so you won't cause a disturbance. *Svafa gives a deadly smile* Besides, we infiltrated Sith Strongholds before.

Also we would already be under attack, which we are not. You are going to have to trust us. There will be no diversion until we are ready for extraction. If one is used for the initial infiltration then this will fail.

*The computer gives off a small beep to alert the group. On the map lines now appear. Dots indicating the sith are moving along the lines. Numbers appear next to the lines.*

Svafa: These are the patrol paths. They follow the few safe passes that the Sith have discovered. Please not this path and this group of three Sith.

*The path indicated by Svafa passes near the house. Actually only a few houses away from it. The Sith following the path are quickly approaching the point that would bring them closest to the group.*

Svafa: Know, Jedi and Sith can potentially sense other beings across entire planets. Normally they can easily do so in these distances.

*Svafa waits a little as the Sith reach the point, and keep going on the patrol noticing nothing*

As you can see, they have no idea we are here. Even though we are very close to them, and before you ask, we have positive identification that these are indeed Sith.

Heimdall: Don't worry, Raschel. One of us will be in each group. As for it being safe inside the temple. It may be initially but for how long I don't know.

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