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No it's just a matter of wanting to get a clean game.

Personally I would rather play a match like the SF vs. FK (where we lost) 10000 times over (because it was just a game of raw skill and strategy) rather than use the script and wipe every clan we play off the map like we currently do.

But like I've said before, I don't trust anyone not to use it for obvious reasons/history and I have no plans on getting screwed over again by trusting people.

FK would be the one exception to that because they went through the same ordeal we had to and I know he/they wouldn't pull any crap like that.

I don't think you can really understand just how much that script ****ed up teamffa in jk2.

Prior to that script their team of lights with only one dark went undefeated against every team they played.

Once they face a team using that script the entire strategy and time they put into it went down the crapper because of how insanely fast that script chains.

They faced manual chaining from us and were able to fight it and win.

If we would have scripted it and done the exact same things we did when we lost, we would have utterly destroyed them.

That script forces both teams to go dark and drain, there can be no other option when facing it.
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