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((Fused Ivrine can't have made all those sabres, he hasn't had a good 15 days of meditation time. The point is whether he made them himself, not if they were made for him.))

*Flax checked his wingmen, left right and behind. Suddenly the com board crackled.*

Com: Red 1 this is Coruscant Traffic Control C, we read a mass launch, please provide an explanation. *The voice sounded board.*

Flax: This is General Flax, we just doing some manuvers for Fleet Commanders.

Com: Sorry to bother you General.

*Flax relaxed a little, traffic controlers were easily impressed by brass.*

*Indep CIC.*

Tech: Sir, we have the location.

Thran: Good, transmit to the fighters, once the battle is finished dump all the data, including the Rellentless' specs onto the holonet.

Tech: Why sir?

Thran: We're going to blow this right open.

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