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*RH Irvine, climbs a bit of an outer wall, alone comes a single sentry, whom is completely unexpecting RH Irvine, whom is suppressing his presence. He surprises the Sentry, and drags him off the wall. RH Irvine grabs the sentry's saber and bashs the back of his head in one quick motion, but unfortunately that wasn't needed... The neck was already broken from the fall.*

RH Irvine: "F**k, I didn't want to, but if we're here to kill 'em. Might as well..."

*After hiding the corpse, RH Irvine takes the cloaks from the sentry, and places the saber on the other side of his belt, as he begins to make his way towards a mildly populated enterence...*

RH Irvine: *while throwing the hood over his head to conseal his identity* 'This will definately be a long day...'

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