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*Irvine finally decides to stand up after nearly a half hour of just sitting up in his bed, staring off into the distence. He quickly notices he's not quite wearing appropreate clothing, but at least decent underwear... After scaning the room, he remembers about the three Elite Red Guard and the Ysalimari. After a short moment of feeling somewhat embaresting about his lack of clothing, he sees a change of clothes on the other side of the room, Black Cloaks and under garments...*

Irvine: *Slightly degusted...* 'How fitting...'

*Irvine puts them on. Then he turns to walk over to the rest room, then a sharp pain in his torso, he's still feeling the not quite fully healed wounds on his body, he grabs at a wall...*

Irvine: 'Gee, thanks... Let me keep some of my wounds as a deterraint for not allowing me to leave... Not like I had plans on anyway, I'd like some things to decuss with him too... And with that ysalimari, I can't heal myself, thanks again, ya jerk...'

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