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"It will cost you more than it very well should. But I primarily need information." Says Dathan as he scans the room again.

He moves a little closer to the blue Zabrak "I need to see a zabrak named 'Vessen'".

Dathan sighs, waiting for an answer. Non forthcoming he continues.

"I was told Vessen knows the whereabouts of a group of rogue Quarren scientists. They are vitaly important to me."

"If I can find this Vessen with your help, I will charge you a simple fee of 1000 credits for you all to get to your destination, as long as it is my 'safety zone'."

Dathan looks again at the blue Zabrak, then continues, "You will find my 'safty zone' is quite large, covering dozens of planets. Here are my imperial documents." Dathan slides the papers across the table.

Does it get any better than this?

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