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Indeed. That script is the biggest reason for the downfall of the Sabers TDM ladder. There were about 20 teams on it with maybe about 15 active. The day after our match with FotS in which they used that script and we appealed to TWL, the teams were cut in half. By the time our match with FotS was rescheduled there were 5 teams left on the ladder. They used the script again. We all pulled out of the ladder.

This was why I said only level 1. The script only helps on yavin for CTF, it's for TFFA that it's really a problem, hence the level 1 request for TFFA. We only ended up playing one TFFA during the pug anyways, everyone wanted to play CTF the most, so that's what we did.

Was a successfull pug. Would have liked a few more people but it went well. We'll do it again soon. #fallenknights
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