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70-90 is not that much i always have at least 70 workers. At TL-1 i make 10workers, TL-2 i make 4-6 workers, TL-3 i make 4-8 workers and TL-4 i make 15 and if i have enough space in my population and have enough food I create more after building an army i always do. Also someone said 10 on Carbon, 5 on Food, 5 on Ore and 5 on Nova. What about Civi's that depend on Food and Nova? I have never used any less than about 50 workers from the when i first started playing the game properly, and it is well worth it to have lots of workers, if your population reaches max at TL-4 and you are neer to completeing the game, then you delete about half of your worker population.

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