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((OOS: Huh? What do I have to do with Fused Irvine's lightsabers?

Who actually made those lightsabers, anyway? That's what's key here.

Scar: I advise you change your title to "leXX incarnate"

Edited because RH Irvine and Fused Irvine are not the same person))

Gilian: *running down the hall, tossing a smoke-bomb behind to cover them, and firing crossbow bolts to keep the vampires back* Don't be silly, Starkiller. If it was that easy I would have done it when Kvana did the sunblock in the first place.

*She looks at the ceiling* On the other hand, she probably has no idea how to really use them...and this tower is practically falling apart.

*She looks at the others* Quick. Got any explosives?

*Starr twitches. He could sense something in the back of his mind*


Coruscant Space

*Rwos floats hidden in space, watching the Relentless' cloaked signature on his ship's displays. The portal was set up and ready. He was at least ninety-percent sure it would work, if worst came to worst. The remaining ten percent chance bugged him in the back of his mind, but there was nothing he could do about that.

Of course, this is extremely illegal. I can only hope no one happens to be monitoring this area for the next few hours...

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