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Thumbs up guess me game!!

okay, nobody here has seen a pic of me ever, so we'll play a little guessing game to guess what i look like!

here's the things you want to guess:

1. my hair color
2. my eye color
3. do i wear glasses and/or contacts?
4. my height
5. do i call myself short or tall?
6. my weight
7. do i call myself fat, skinny, or do i not give a damn?
8. (not really what i look like, but still an appearance thing, i guess) what color [shirt] do i like to wear the most?
9. what color [shorts] do i wear the most?
10. what color [jeans] do i wear the most (if you answer blue, specify dark blue or light blue)?
11. what is my gender (this is an automatic point for most of you)?
12. what is my age as of tomorrow? (today is june 17, how old will i be?)

okay, just to let you know: the more specific you are, the more points you will get if you get it correct. ex: "1. very dark brown" rather than just "1. brown". which also means that if you are more vague, you wouldn't get as many points, i think that's obvious.

uhh...i'll tell you te answers that can be found somewhere in the whole forum for mi discussion: #3, #11, #12, i think that's all, there may be another that you remember and i don't, which is good for you. pm me your answers, i'll decide the point amount given to you for each correct answer. i'll try to get some more answers up about me, or maybe i'll post some clues somewhere. like here? *hint*

i think i'll go with:
0-completely off
1-vague answer, but still correct or descriptive answer with the correct general idea (let's say blue eyes, but they're not a sky blue, they're not...blah blah blah, you still have the color correct but not the description)
2-descriptive answer, but two things off
3-descriptive answer with one thing off or descriptive answer with nothing wrong

there might be some exceptions that i'll explain here when i post scores. so, pm me your answers and good luck! like i said, i'll try to get more things about me around here by posting, but i'm not sure if that'd be easy. you can only change your answers once and that's it, so make sure you have the correct stuff. uhh...answers will be due on june 25th, so you have a full week, i think that's plenty of time.

the winner will get, maybe 20 points? just a small little prize. if i get more credits, i'll give the winner more than twenty. but that depends on how much i decide to post.
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