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((I should have been clearer on the safe house.))

*Svafa just smiles at Hal. Let the Jedi believe what he wanted, even though he is wrong.

She casually presses some buttons. The group of black cloaked men are suddenly enclosed. A chemcial is then released into the enclosure. The group of cloaked men fall unconscious. A trap door opens dropping them into the basement were droids immediatly put them into force binders (ala Episode II)

Svafa flicks another switch. Ysalamiri come from the upper floor, pushing the force out of the building. Before this they were spread for enough away from the group so it wouldn't effect them.*

Svafa: Careful on your assumptions Jedi. Our job is now easier since we have more cloaks. You also don't need to be a jedi to understand the force.

Furthermore, they were not the Sith guarding the temple. I believe they were following us or perhaps one of us *looking at Orthos* I also think that there are more of them.

((Deac. I think that should take care of any problems.))

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