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Heimdall: No, she didn't mean it like that. Svafa thinks they are hunting you. They followed all of us, but we think you were their target. As such we set a trap. If you wish you can question....

*Heimdall is interrupted as a Droid appears and deposits lightsabers and cloaks* them.

them and Thank you Hal for your help, without your futile and rather funny arguements then they probably would have waited longer until something else distracted the group.

*Idun who had left the room a little while ago reenters. She is completly disguised as a Sith Lady. On her forehead is a flaming sword. The same markings that were on the first Sith they encountered. She is also carrying a large container. Setting it down Idun opens it. Revealing that the container had a numerous small furry creatures.*

Idun: Met what is basically the Ysalamiri's distant cousin. They project a null-force bubble around the size of an average human. These wonderful creatures will aid us in entering the base.

*Heimdall, turning to Marin*

Heimdall: How about we get you a Sith to transform into?

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